Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Kislak is an outspoken supporter of Providence’s public schools, health equity and economic justice. It has never been more important to have responsive state leadership we can count on to stand up for our values. And we know we can trust Rebecca to fight for our priorities at the State House everyday – just like she always has.

Rebecca was first elected to serve District 4 in the Rhode Island State House in 2018. In her first term in the House, she introduced bills to provide greater tax equity by restoring additional income tax brackets on high income, to create voter-directed public funding through “democracy dollars” that would overhaul Rhode Island’s public campaign financing system to shift power toward the general electorate and better enable ordinary citizens to run for office and a bill to improve the legal infrastructure for bicycle transportation. She also successfully advocated for the Rhode Island Parentage Act, legislation enacted in 2020 to replace the state’s outdated laws with more inclusive laws that recognize the many ways people become families. She has been an outspoken supporter of Providence’s public schools, health equity and economic justice, including a living wage.

Rebecca is an attorney with years of experience in social services and health care policy. She has worked at Legal Services offices in Worcester, Mass. and Providence. She has used her legal skills to advocate for families at Hasbro Children’s Hospital through Rhode Island’s Medical-Legal Partnership at Rhode Island Legal Services. She also served as Policy Director and Counsel at the Rhode Island Health Center Association. Today, she is the President of Kislak Consulting. She also teaches health policy classes as an adjunct professor at Rhode Island College. Rebecca is an active community member. She is the immediate past president of the Rhode Island chapter of the National Organization for Women (RI-NOW) and a member of Temple Emanu-El in Providence.

Rebecca is married to Dr. Joanna Brown and they have two children, Ezra  and Simon.

Read more about Rebecca and why she ran for office in the first place in her 2017 introductory letter to her future constituents: Dear Neighbor Letter

It's never been more important to have responsive state leadership.

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