Representative Rebecca Kislak fights for good government and economic, racial and reproductive justice at the Rhode Island State House.

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Knocking on doors with my city councilor and next mayor, @Nirva_LaFortune

This program costs homeowners nothing: Providence Water gets $3.3M more in federal grant money to replace lead service lines via @projo

Infections cut in half in Boston schools that kept mask mandates compared to schools that did not. Even though the schools that kept masks were higher risk than the comparison group. Lifting mask mandantes led to 28,690 additional missed school days.

In the last midterm election 1,885 people had their ballots rejected likely because they were registered in the wrong party. (page 34)

Don't be one of them! Make sure you are disaffiliated today.

These are my colleagues, to whom I refer my own patients. By allowing these tweets, @TwitterSafety is complicit in the harassment of medical providers, and will be culpable in the event that any of them are victims of violence.

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