Representative Rebecca Kislak fights for good government and economic, racial and reproductive justice at the Rhode Island State House.

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What is so compelling is after Jhamal is hit and is lying on the floor, instead of someone checking his vitals or ensuring that he's not hurt, they proceed to drag him by the arm. Where is humanity? Where is regard for someone’s life? Where is the justice? This is unacceptable.

While the @RIDeptEd meeting is talking about charter schools, I thought I'd re-up this thread from last week, with a chart of the so so so many charter school applications. Hearings begin tomorrow.

✅ and made appointment for kiddos to get flu shot too!

Getting updates from @AInfanteGreen at the @RIDeptEd board meeting. Looks like @RIHEALTH Director Alexander Scott is here too.

Listening to public testimony at the @RIDeptEd Council on Elementary and Secondary Edu; check out the whole agenda (including login info) here:

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