Representative Rebecca Kislak fights for good government and economic, racial and reproductive justice at the Rhode Island State House.

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“President Trump says the U.S. Postal Service is incapable of facilitating mail-in voting because it cannot access the emergency funding he is blocking”

Rhode Island has an urgent need for poll workers. Complete our online form today and we will forward your application to the local Board of Canvassers. Visit

Just started. Tune in here. School info and more:

Our systems should support new parents, not create fear that their kid might be removed from their home at birth because a parent is disabled. Glad @NFB_voice and @TerriCortvriend are working on this and I hope @womenandinfants hospital is too.

This is a great, community-led, framework for school reopening. Thank you @CYCLE_RWU @PLEERI @Ariseducation @LPIRWU @youthinactionri @JusticeCenterRI @equityinst

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