Representative Rebecca Kislak fights for good government and economic, racial and reproductive justice at the Rhode Island State House.

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Updates from Sen. Mack. I have also been told that no one was sleeping in the tents last night, there was advance notice, and some people had retrieved belongings.

The CDC recently released new data that should alarm every American: More than 110 people are killed with guns every single day in this country.

We don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to die like this.

I have been visiting these folks who were trying to do the best they could without better options. Some were on lists for shelters and emergency housing. I wonder where they’ve gone? And their stuff has been destroyed. We need to do better than this.

New study!!
#covid19 itself hurts fertility (in the 1st 60 days after infection).

The vaccines, on the other hand, don’t affect fertility of women or men. Period.

Pass it on.

Listen or comment tonight or next week about the proposed mergers. Tonight at 5. (So, momentarily)

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