“As the vice chair of the Senate Health & Human Services committee, I need partners in the State House to help fight for a health care system that works for everyone. Rebecca’s health policy expertise makes her an outstanding advocate for our community and all of Rhode Island. I’ve seen her in action, pushing for better access to affordable dental and health care. With your support, Rebecca and I can work together in the legislature to achieve these goals.”

Senator Gayle Goldin






“Rebecca has the experience, passion and values to fight for real progressive change. I’ve seen what it takes to bring people together to get things done in the General Assembly – and Rebecca’s got it. That’s why I know she’ll make a phenomenal state representative.”

Representative Aaron Regunberg







“Last spring, I began my political journey after a Shabbat dinner at a dear friend’s home. That night I committed to running for the City Council seat that I currently hold. From that day on, Rebecca stood by my side as my co-campaign manager and friend. Today, it is my turn to stand by her and endorse

my friend Rebecca Kislak to be the next State Representative for District 4.

I am supporting Rebecca because I know she believes in fighting for progressive change. She is a mother, a public service attorney, and a tenacious healthcare advocate. As a Providence Public School parent, she will advocate for equity and for the resources to provide every child with a strong education. She has advocated for economic, racial and reproductive justice throughout her career.

Rebecca’s track record at the state house has proven her ability to lead. When she was the President of Rhode Island’s chapter of the National Organization for Women she helped pass legislation to remove guns from domestic violence offenders and was part of the team of legislators and advocates that won earned sick days for Rhode Island working families. I know I can work alongside Rebecca to advocate for Providence.  Rebecca Kislak is a tenacious and active community advocate, and that is why I am honored to support her candidacy to be the next District 4 State Representative.”               Nirva LaFortune, Providence City Council




“After moving to Rhode Island last summer, we were fortunate enough to meet Rebecca soon after we arrived. She generously welcomed us to Providence as a neighbor and friend and has helped us understand the ins and outs of local politics. As a same-sex couple, we know that Rebecca will fight for us and our community at the legislative level and push the progressive agenda we share–racial justice, health care, reproductive justice, and more. She is passionate, experienced, and cares about the people in our community. We will start celebrating Alex’s birthday on September 12th by casting a vote for a leader we believe in–Rebecca Kislak.”

Adam Lavitt and Alex Weissman, Fourth Street







“We have known Rebecca for many years and have been impressed with her depth of expereince, her ethical standards, her level of commitment and grasp of the important issues. No one would work harder or more effectively for our community.”

Howard Rubenstein and Harriet Magen, Rochameau Avenue








“We support Rebecca because she will take her community activism and progressive beliefs to the State House on our behalf.”

Karen McAninch and Steve Markovitz, Memorial Road






“I am supporting Rebecca Kislak for State Rep because she has demonstrated her commitment and ability to fight for the rights of youth, women, working people, and families on the issues that matter most to me and my neighbors in District 4 – health care for all, jobs that pay a living wage, high-quality schools in every district, and safe housing. It is clear from her record and my work with her that she will be at the forefront of progressive lawmakers in the RI Statehouse creating policy solutions to our problems in RI, not just waiting for party leaders or special interests to guide the way. My adolescent and young adult patients are becoming adults in a world that is increasingly hostile to their mental and physical health, their identities, and their families – we need lawmakers like Rebecca to advocate for their future well being in the Statehouse. Please join me in voting for Rebecca on the September 12th primary!”

Jack Rusley, MD, MHS






“I have known Rebecca well for twenty-six years and have found her to be a progressive, creative thinker and a tireless advocate for people from every type of background. I cannot imagine a better representative for our district.”

Saul M. Olyan, Dexterdale Road








“With two kids in Providence Public Schools, education is one of our top priorities. We are supporting Rebecca Kislak because we are confident that she has the experience to effectively advocate for strong public education in the State House. On September 12th, we will cast our votes for Rebecca.”

Brian and Lorraine Lalli








“I’m proud to be supporting Rebecca Kislak for District 4. Rebecca has an impeccable progressive track record, and she really knows the in and outs of the State House and our state’s budget process. She’ll be able to hit the ground running on day one, and get things accomplished for House District 4 and all of Rhode Island. Please join me in voting for her in the primary on Wednesda,y September 12.”

Anna Highsmith, Colonial Road







“Camille met Rebecca last year knocking on doors for Nirva LaFortune’s exciting city council campaign, which she managed to a resounding victory. We had a great time on those walks, talking about all the issues important to both of us–reproductive health care, education, social and economic justice. Rebecca is a passionate advocate for all the issues our family cares about most. She has decades of policy experience and a proven track record of accomplishments on worker’s rights and gun regulation in the past year alone. She also happens to be a great person! This all makes for a potent combination. Rebecca is an amazing progressive candidate and we will be thrilled to vote for her in September and November.”

Camille Williams and Gurpreet Singh, Hillside Avenue






“We’re voting for Rebecca Kislak because she has the expertise to defend and expand the rights, welfare, and well-being of all Rhode Islanders. With Rebecca as our representative, we’re assured of a a safer and smarter Rhode Island. Protecting women’s right to choose is essential to both of us, and we trust Rebecca will safeguard this essential right. Join us to vote for Rebecca Kislak for District 4 Representative on September 12!”

Jill Davidson and Kevin Eberman, Elmway Street






“I support Rebecca because she prioritizes public education, health care, and renewable energy. She’s against the LNG facility in the Port of Providence and the powerplant in Burrillville because she knows these projects will exacerbate global warming and impact our health. Join me in voting for Rebecca on September 12th.”

Devin Miller, Lancaster Street










“Like many in the neighborhood, I’ve known Rebecca for years. I see her at community meetings, at the State House, on Hope Street — I know she cares deeply about our state. I’ve worked alongside her on campaigns, and I know how tirelessly she will stand up for what is right. I’m thrilled that Rebecca wants to devote her energy and talent to represent us at the State House!”

Kath Connolly, Lippett Street






“I support Rebecca because she will work for the least of us, knowing that effort will benefit all of us. She will be accessible.”

Herman Brewster, 4th Street










“I’ve known Rebecca as a leader at our synagogue, and as president of RI NOW. I know that Rebecca is passionate about social justice, and is an effective advocate. I have seen her leadership in action, and I know that we can rely on Rebecca to be the kind of State Representative we need today.”

Marilyn Kagan, RI NOW Member, Rochambeau Avenue









“We are very lucky to have Rebecca Kislak running to be our next state representative. She’s one of the most committed and hard-working people we know. Rebecca will fight for the things all Democrats should be fighting for – a living wage, affordable health care for all of us, clean water, and women’s reproductive rights.”

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus and Maia Brumberg-Kraus, Memorial Road







“I am a women’s health physician and member of the Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee. I’m thrilled that we have endorsed Rebecca Kislak for State Representative in District 4. The Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court puts Roe v. Wade at serious risk, and we need a State Representative who will never stop defending our reproductive rights. Rebecca will be that State Rep!”

Vidya Gopinath, Planned Parenthood Votes! RI, Morris Avenue








“We met Rebecca when we were at the State House, campaigning with her for earned sick leave and a raise in the minimum wage for Rhode Island working families. For years she’s been a strong voice for health care as a human right and legislation to protect a woman’s right to choose. She’s experienced, thoughtful, and stays in touch with our community. We’re proud she’s received the Rhode Island Working Families Party endorsement because we think she is ideally qualified to be our new State Representative.”

Don Baier and Marty Mann, 8th Street






“I am proud to support Rebecca because she As the vice chair of the Senate Health & Human Services committee, I need partners in the State House to help fight for a health care system that works for everyone. Rebecca’s health policy expertise makes her an outstanding advocate for our community and all of Rhode Island. I’ve seen her in action,

pushing for better access to affordable dental and health care. With your support, Rebecca and I can work together in the legislature to achieve these goals.consistently advocates for equity and justice for all. She is committed to improving the lives of children, youth and families in our community and across the state. On issues that matter to me, such as reproductive choice, LGBT rights, responsible gun legislation, racial justice and gender equity, Rebecca is the candidate that I believe will best represent our community.”

Darlene Allen, Exeter Street





“Rebecca has so much to offer as a public servant, and she is ready and willing to offer it. She is an experienced fighter for justice. She is smart, courageous, and generous. She listens. We can think of no better person to represent our district in the House next year.”

Karlo Berger and Annie Gjelsvik, Fourth Street









“For over a decade Rebecca has been my go-to person for questions about Rhode Island political issues. Whether it’s about a candidate, ballot question, or other local issues, Rebecca is well-informed and insightful. I support Rebecca because I trust her judgment, I’ve seen she gets things done, and I admire her dedication to the people of Rhode Island.”

Rabbi Navah Levine, Ivy Street








“I support Rebecca Kislak because of her experience with healthcare policy. Her demonstrated support for community health centers and the Reproductive Health Care Act shows that Rebecca is the type of representative Rhode Islanders need in the State House.”

Nate Halda, Hope Street








“We admire Rebecca’s long-term commitment to health and social justice issues. Her experience and knowledge will continue to make Providence and Rhode Island a better place. We are excited about Rebecca’s increased voice on Smith Hill, representing our district.”

Sara Dorsch and Omar Galarraga, Brenton Avenue








“I support Rebecca because I know she cares about all our kids. She has always been an advocate of equitable public education and I know she is ready to fight for all our children in the State House. She knows that when our community, our state, and our city come together we can make positive change.”

Erica Lambert Sachs, President, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School PTO